Wellness Treatments Regenerating And Nourishing

Wellness Treatments: Regenerating And Nourishing

Beauty and well-being are ageless. Beauty centers, beauty farms and spas know this well, their customers are no longer the prerogative of young people only, more and more people over 65 find themselves in these environments. Older women and men have more time available and those with a good pension do not give up on taking care of their appearance. The goal is the same, to stay young and feel better about yourself thanks to the care and attention of expert hands and wellness treatments  for face and body.

The balance between mind and body, after all, is our philosophy of well-being.

A complete range of treatments and synergistic programs provided in the institute, in line with the contemporary expectations of beauty and well-being, responds in a targeted way to all skin problems thanks also to highly sophisticated care protocols integrated by the effectiveness of daily home treatments. High performance Kaelon Beauty.

Special Body Treatments

To learn how to manage the stress of everyday life, to start a new healthier, more serene and more conscious lifestyle, to find our balance and harmony, there is nothing better than relying on the benefits of Welfare.

Kaelon Beauty

In addition to a pleasant escape of the senses, undergoing wellness treatments helps to:

Eliminate toxins : massages produce a beneficial effect of oxygenation of the tissues thus eliminating toxins.

Improve blood circulation : Massages help improve blood and lymphatic circulation.

Relax the muscles and tone the skin : massages practiced regularly and skillfully dosed help the tired or aching muscles to relax and at the same time the skin tones up.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety : Muscle relaxation relieves stress and relaxes during the session and anxiety symptoms are also eliminated.

Facilitate digestion and sleep : by stimulating the production of endorphins, a natural analgesic secreted by the body, digestion is facilitated.

Free from chronic pain : in addition to the physical benefits, the practice of these treatments represents a true relaxation from a psychological point of view.

The treatment consists of an invigorating scrub that combines sea salts with sugars to remove dead cells and is enriched by the sensory evasion of special fragrances to choose from among:

  • lemon and petitgrain – fresh and invigorating
  • orange blossom and cedar wood – green and floral
  • lily and bamboo – musky and woody
  • frangipani and plum blossom – floral and sunny
  • green tea and fig – antioxidant and nutritive
  • cinnamon and ginger – energizing and stimulating
  • vanilla and sandalwood – relaxing and rebalancing

Suitable for all skin types, it is an exfoliation that lasts 20/30 minutes and leaves the skin velvety.

This treatment consists of a 40-minute personalized modeling. Suitable for all skin types, you can choose from three unique textures: nourishing oil, softening cream, melting wax, all accompanied by the sensory evasion of the delicate notes of a fragrance to be chosen at will.

A moment of relaxation that leaves the skin soft, nourished and delicately scented.

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