What kind of mattress do you have to buy and what are their sizes?

What kind of mattress do you have to buy and what are their sizes?

When you have fitted the sheets on the two corners of your mattress and tucked them underneath. Now you have to deal with the last two corners even though you’re using all your strength to fit them but the sheets won’t fit. You have bought the wrong size of bed sheets. Good thing that you can fix it right away.

Once you’re doing your shopping and looking for a new set of sheets. You can easily measure the mattress so it will surely fit. You can use this guide to have the best sheet sizes for any kind of bed that you have at home.

Bedsheet size chart

Twin mattress

In bed size, the twin is the smallest mattress which is comfortable and it can only hold one sleeper. The twin bedding can fit into a 38in wide and 75in long mattress. It will also depend on the bedding material, dimensions, brand, and duvet. The important thing is the sheets are wider and longer than the dimensions of the mattress so you won’t have any issues.

Twin XL mattress

The twin XL is usually found in college dorms. When you compare it to a twin mattress this one is longer. It means when you’re off to college you will buy a new set of fitted sheets. The size of the fitted sheets is 39in wide and 80in long. The counterparts of this type of sheet are 66in wide and 96in long.

Full mattress

Most people that live in an apartment-style are buying a full-size mattress. You can also call it a double-size mattress. The size is big for you to be comfortable but it is not taking up the whole space of the room. This is perfect for your guest rooms. The size of the full mattress is 54in wide and 75in long. You can use the sheet of the queen size bed as the measurements are 96in and 102in.

buy queen bed sheets online

Queen mattress

The queen mattress is the usual mattress size. Most people buy it because they want to have an extra room. When you buy queen bed sheets online you have to be extra careful as they have different sizes. The usual size of queen fitted sheets is 60in wide and 80in long.

King mattress

King mattresses are perfect for snuggling with your partner, little one, and pet. The size of it is 76in wide and 80in long. You can use a fitted king sheet as it will fit perfectly into the mattress. The flat sheets are quite big, the size is 102in wide and 112in long. While the king duvet covers it measures 96in wide and 109in long.

California king mattress

The size of the California king mattress is 72in wide and 87in long. Its fitted sheets have the same size so it will be easier to fit in. The flat sheet and duvet covers are the same as the king.

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