Discover the right fit for your men's suit

Discover the right fit for your men’s suit

Two-piece men’s suits usually consist of a jacket and trousers. This makes it very easy to create stylish outfits that ensure an elegant or serious appearance. To round off the suit look individually, you can expand the two-piece suit and wear it with a vest. The vest is a chic stylistic device to create special styles – but it is not one of the must-haves for your business look. When choosing a vest, you should make sure that its color either matches the rest of your suit or creates a clear visual contrast. When combining, you should therefore always take your fashionable feeling into consideration before buying at

When looking for a new men’s suit, you should first ask yourself a few basic questions. This includes the question of which fit you should choose. You can find men’s suits in regular fit, slim fit, extra slim fit and comfort fit with us. If you want to wear a classic, straight cut, it is recommended to the regular fit variant. Business trousers with a classic cut are extremely adaptable and are therefore among the most frequently worn models. Comfort-fit business trousers also have a straight cut and thus ensure a comfortable fit in their suit look. If you are looking for a more body-hugging suit trousers, you will also find models in slim-fit and extra-slim-fit at Wormland. These slim-fitting men’s trousers are ideal for perfectly accentuating male body shapes. Together with the slim-fit jacket, you can easily create modern styles. Many suits based on the modular principle are ideally suited so that you can choose the components of your suit in different sizes without having to forego a uniform appearance.


For a narrower fit, you can adjust your waistcoat to a body-hugging shape with the help of the tallie bar, so that your business look creates a fashionable style even without a jacket. The jacket is a stylish men’s top that is perfect for shirt and goes with suit trousers. Our fashionable suit jackets are available in versions with two or three buttons.

┬áIt is an unwritten law that you never close the bottom button of the jacket – this way your outfit does not look too serious and at the same time offers you a high degree of freedom of movement. Choosing the right suit trousers is easier than choosing the right business top. Suit trousers are usually presented in classic designs, which are visually rounded off by pleats. Most suit trousers can also be easily combined with a business wardrobe in terms of color. When wearing your suit trousers, however, you should avoid carrying brimful purses or other large items in your trouser pockets this creates unsightly bumps that can ruin the fit of your outfit.

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