How to Choose the Right Cardigan for Women

How to Choose the Right Cardigan for Women

When it comes to versatile women’s clothing, the good old cardigan cannot be excluded. In fact, this is known as one of the most versatile clothing pieces in a woman’s wardrobe. Whether it is summer or winter, a cardigan always has the ability to transform one’s outfit regardless of the occasion. There are multiple ways to wear a cardigan. Models and celebrities love their knitwear. Here are some of the most popular styles of this women’s knitwear:

Long Cardigan

This hits the perfect balance of comfy and chic. It is the perfect wear in between seasons. This can be paired with jeans, tying up the entire wardrobe altogether. You may also wear a short skirt and a cardigan as outer clothing, lengthening your legs. When the temperature is playing between warm and cold, a calf-length cardigan can make you feel comfortable without overheating.

Chunky Knit Cardigan

When the temperature starts to drop, you can raise your clothing protection a notch higher by wearing a chunky knit cardigan. Long, short, or in between, this type of cardigan will offer a great finish to any outfit ensemble while providing you warmth too. It doesn’t matter if it has the classic look or it hits the floor. You will not go wrong when you wear this piece of knitwear.

Wrap Cardigan

If the chill has turned into something freezing, a wrap cardigan can make you feel snug and comfy. This knit outerwear is a timeless option. This is part of any dancer’s clothing ensemble too, making them feel warm and yet giving them more room to move around. When it comes to women’s knitwear of this style, you can pick one from a long-line knitwear or a cropped sweater. Doing so is a stylish way of keeping the cold at bay.

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Button-Up Cardigan

If you are a stickler to the classics, you may choose a button-up style cardigan. You may don in a traditional look or give it a modern twist. A button-up cardigan is a timeless piece of knitwear that has to be found in every wardrobe. To look fresh, you can wear this as a top and match it with jeans. This may also look good with skirts, shirts, and rollnecks for your autumn clothing ensemble.

Short Sleeve Cardigan

Cardigans are not only designed for the cold temperature. And yes, you can still show off your arms by wearing a short-sleeve knitwear alternative. You can complete the layered look by buttoning the center part and pairing it up with mom’s jeans. If you want to look flirty, this can go with a summery dress. You can go out on a picnic with your partner by wearing this together with an A-line skirt.

These styles all have plus sizes as well. So no matter what your body size is, you have all the options particularly when you buy online.a

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