Running Shoes for Men

How to Choose the Right Running Shoes for Men

It is true that there is no single perfect pair of running shoes for anyone, even if you are a seasoned marathoner. There are some features that can be considered to ensure that you end up with the best running shoes for men.


Whether you need traction for trail running, comfort for your first 5k run, and stability for over-pronation, it would be best to check on these details before you choose the pair to use.

Choose a pair which is intended for running.

A pair of running shoes may look like a pair of sneakers, but it has specialized technology that allows you to run better. Running shoes are designed to protect you from injury caused by repetitive motion. It may provide cushioning to help with shock absorption. It may also come with design features that will help you move forward with more ease.

Choose the right type of running shoes.

Running shoes are designed for certain specific purposes. You must choose your running shoes based on the type of running you want to do. You can choose from the everyday running shoes, the trail running shoes, and the lightweight running ones. The daily running shoes can handle the type of running that everyone does. Lightweight ones are less durable compared to the everyday running type and it is less cushioned as well. The trail running type lugs on the bottom, giving it better grip on rocks and dirt. It often comes with a more durable upper too.

You may also want to check on stability shoes, motion control shoes, and also cushioning shoes.

running shoes for men

Choose the right fit for you.

You must choose the right fit of running shoes for men. If not, this may make running painful for you and lead you to injury. You will find the right fit when you try on shoes in the afternoon or evening when your feet are not likely swollen. For you to ensure a comfortable foot spread, make sure that there’s a thumb width between the end of your foot and the shoe’s end. It must also wrap your foot comfortably. It must not feel sloppy or pinch. Always consider the proper width for your running shoes. Some can be narrow while others wide.

Know the right price for the right features.

When it comes to running shoes, a higher price may mean more features and technology used, but it may not mean that it’s your best choice. An inexpensive pair, on the other hand, may mean that the pair is not designed for running at all. It may not be able to withstand the demands that running may place on them. You can find a decent pair of running shoes from $100 to $250.

Avoid certain shoe features.

There are certain features that you can look for in a pair of running shoes. But just the same, you also have to look out for features that you have to avoid. These include the following: too much cushioning, additional arch supports, too soft cushioning, and uneven cushioning (too much on the heel and lower on the toes).

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