Different Types of wine in LA

Identifying Your Favorite Types of Wine – The Basic Principles of Wine

A cultural connoisseur knows the varieties of wine

Have you ever been to a restaurant and been completely confused by the menu? If so, you are not alone. At the back of the menu is the wine list, and sometimes it’s so extensive it’s on its own menu! There are many different types of wine and each one is meant to be paired with a certain type of food. You don’t have to be a wine expert to work in fancy restaurants like these – all you have to do is learn about the basic Different Types of wine in LA. This knowledge will serve you time and time again in the world of food culture.

Wine for every aspect of food

Although there are many different ways to classify wine varieties, one of the most common ways is by the portion of the dish with which it should be served. This method of categorization is simple and ensures that you can choose a Different Types of wine in LA for any occasion.

Aperitifs are also known as aperitif wines and are made to be consumed before a meal. Appetizer wines typically contain between 14 and 20% alcohol, making them richer and sweeter than main course wines. Types of wine commonly classified in this category include: vermouth, dry sherry, and madeira. Any flavored wine can usually be found in this group.

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Wines for the main course are usually white or red wines. While both work well with main courses, each pairs better with different dishes. Generally, white wines pair best with poultry, Different Types of wine in LA white meat and seafood. They can range from very sweet to dry and are best served chilled.

A Simple Guide For Wine Lovers

Red wines, on the other hand, are always quite dry and are best served with spaghetti, red meat and any heavily seasoned dishes. Both red and white wines usually contain 10-14% alcohol, as they are served with the main course and have a lighter taste.

Sparkling wines are usually served for formal events. These types of wines are sweet and are best served as an appetizer or dessert wine. Popular sparkling wines include: Blanc de Noir, Champagne, Blanc de Blanc and Spumante.

There are even dessert wines! Their taste varies from very sweet to medium. Port, sweet sherry, Takaji, Sauternes and muscats are all common dessert wines. However, just because wine falls into this category doesn’t mean it’s only served with desserts, just that it’s most often served with desserts.

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