Miss Diamond Ring: Shop Now and Choose Your Style

Miss Diamond Ring: Shop Now and Choose Your Style

Sales tourism is so popular, but the purchase of diamond ring is too small, so in this season must know how to choose Miss diamond ring.

First, determine the style you prefer

Whether it’s a simple solitaire or complex rose cut with multiple stones? Whether it’s a strong contrast between delicate white gold and generous diamonds? Or whether it’s chunky masculine silver mixed with shiny black onyx? Whatever your preference just let us know. Then our staff will help you find what you are looking for.

Second, determine your budget

Draw up a maximum price that you are willing to pay for your life. Not only would this be helpful when choosing an appropriate stone at our store, but also give both you and the jeweler a figure that is within your means. Remember to be honest with yourself when making this decision, no matter how much you want to pay for it.

Third, determine the shape of the stone

When choosing a diamond ring for women or men, choose an appropriate size depending on finger circumference so that you can wear them in comfort.

Miss Diamond Ring

Fourth, choose the setting

There are many different settings for diamond ring: Solitaire (one piece), melee (group) and cluster; side stone (a row of diamonds along the top surface of your band); piercing (little sharp stones decorating on your band like its like vines). Diamond studded bands make great gifts too. A simple solitaire can enhance any outfit, just ask any woman who has them.

Fifth, determine the style of the ring

Do you want a delicate and ethereal style? Or do you want a more chunky and stylish look? No matter what your preference, always remember that diamonds enhance every feminine figure. Diamonds can be used to slim down forearms or thighs giving an hourglass silhouette. Diamond rings for women are not only wedding bands but also fashion accessories too.

Sixth, choose the band type

Depending on how active you are, select diamond rings suitable for your lifestyle. If you play sports such as golf, squash, or tennis then those diamond rings with prongs might not be suitable as they could potentially snag and break. There’s no point in buying designer diamond rings if you don’t wear it.

Seventh, determine the quality of the stone

First, buy diamonds with standard 4Cs: Carat weight (ct) Cut (color grade, clarity) Clarity (flawless or VS1+), and Combined Expertise (the final price). Then ask for a certificate in order to verify authenticity. Never by a ring without one; whether they are in-store or online. Remember – if the deal seems too good to be true then it probably is.

Eighth, ask for after-sales service

Some stores offer free lifetime maintenance on Miss Diamond Ring when you purchase them. If you’re buying your stones in-store then make sure there’s at least one year of warranty on the craftsmanship, free insurance, and also compensation if they lose your stone. When buying online be sure to read their policy on after-sales service before you purchase anything.

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