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Various Styles of Men’s Jeans

A man’s wardrobe won’t be complete without various types of jeans. Men often get tired trying on different types of jeans. Different styles suit different body types. The thing is once you know your ideal fit and your own style, shopping for men’s jeans can be easy and hassle-free.

The following are some of the most popular styles of jeans that men often wear and add to their wardrobe:

Loose Fit Jeans

This style of jeans comes with a baggy fit, allowing you more breathing space. Loose jeans allow for more space in the thigh and butt areas. This type won’t stick much to your thighs. This is great for men who have a huge waist or are big boned. This type of jeans can be worn for a prolonged period without making your thighs sweat. It spells comfort in every inch.

Tapered Fit Jeans

This style of jeans is comfortable at the thigh area, and it is tapered toward the ankle part. This style of jeans is highly popular today. By tapered, it means having a wider top and a narrower bottom. Guys who have relatively bigger waists and thighs would prefer to have this style of jeans.

men's jeans

Slim Fit Jeans

Most men are confused about what a slim fit jeans is. This type of fit is preferred by skinny guys since it helps their legs to have shape. It comes with a tight fit and a tapered leg opening. Slim fit jeans are great for skinny men who are after style and comfort. This has more thigh space compared to the skin fit jeans. Slim fit jeans always look good when paired with a slim-fit top.

Skinny Fit Jeans

Skinny men’s jeans are skinny starting from the waist and down to the ankles. This style won’t give a lot of mobility to its wearer, but it is often worn as a statement of style. Skinny fit jeans are not suitable for the thicker guys since they can become too tight. Some people suggest wearing a loose shirt to balance out the tightness below. However, jeans must be chosen according to the body type. The upside of wearing skinny fit jeans is that it will make any man look classy.

Low-Rise Jeans

The rise on the jeans is measured by the distance between the crotch area and the waist. Low-rise means that the jeans sit below the waist. It is also usually worn by skinny people. This style of jeans is one of the coolest clothes to wear today.

Mid-Rise Jeans

These are jeans that lie around the waist. This is considered ideal since it’s not too high or low. The bigger boned men prefer to wear the high rise since it stays above their navel and does not allow for a slipup.

Relaxed Fit Jeans

Relaxed fit jeans are best suited for men who have thick thighs since they can be comfortable for them. This allows you to have an extra room around the waist area. This style prevents excessive sweating around the thighs, which may lead to rashes when left unaddressed for a long time.

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