WHAT ARE MITTENS, Types of newborn mittens: why are they needed?

WHAT ARE MITTENS, Types of newborn mittens: why are they needed?

Surely you’ve seen this accessory before. It is very similar to a glove, with the difference that these do not have separate fingers but cover the entire hand of your little one.

They are not gloves, as during the first few months your little one does not need to hold things in their hands and therefore there is no need for them to have separate spaces as such. When she is older, she will need gloves because she will be doing activities that require things to hold and take. However, during the first stage of your life it is not necessary Sommerfugl Kids.

Main function of the muffles

The main function of this garment is to protect your baby from the cold and from his own nails, which can sometimes be sharp. Strange as it may seem, a newborn’s nails are thin and fine and can become very sharp. For this reason, it is important to cover the little hands of the little ones if we want to prevent them from being scratched.

Why are mittens useful during breastfeeding?

It may seem over the top, but breastfeeding a baby can be very stressful. Many babies get nervous, move, and may even hurt you with their fingernails. For this reason, it is not unusual to see a mother with scratches on her chest.

However, there are several baby models that you can put on your little one so that he doesn’t hurt you. Also, his fingers are covered, making it harder for him to grab his hair or do something like pulling a necklace or earrings.

This garment will reduce your little one’s movement during this important time, because breastfeeding is a very important bond between a mother and a baby.

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Types Of Baby Mittens

There are several models of mittens. The main feature in which they differ is the type of material they are made of. Let’s see what materials exist:

Rompers with cotton hands

First, we want to introduce you to the cotton mittens. They are ideal for summer, or just if your little one is at home. Cotton is a fabric that allows sweat to be absorbed and prevents the passage of heat. On the other hand, it can also be useful because it is easy to wash and does not require too much detergent for cleaning.

Grunge patterned mittens

If you want a more striking design for your little one, you can opt for the Grunge pattern. This will give your baby a lot of personality. Remember that it’s never too early for your baby to start expressing his style.

You can also combine them with garments made with the same pattern, such as the Grunge cotton hat, the Grunge bib or the Grunge cotton pajamas. Similarly, you can put them with any gray, white or black article; the important thing is to combine the colors well.

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